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3D materiāla žāvētājs Creality Filament Dry Box

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Creality filament dry box

Dry your filament before use to get the best printing result. Avoid errors caused by air bubbles and reduce errors caused by warping and stringing.

The filament can be printed directly out of the box. Set the timer for heating. It can be set to 2, 4 and 8 hours. The chamber has a fixed temperature of 60°C ± 10°C. This chamber is optimal for storing and printing moisture-sensitive material such as PVA.


  • Heat and dry, Dust-proof and Moisture-proof
  • Strong compatibility, adapt to a variety of wire diameters
  • Compatible with most of the 1kg filament reels on the market and different filaments with a variety of wire diameters.
  • Operating time adjustment range: off/2/4/8 hours/ normally open
  • Fixed temperature of 60°C ± 10°C (chamber temperatur can be lower)

Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-001

Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-002
Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-003
Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-004

Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-005
Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-006
Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-007
Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-008
Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-009
Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-010
Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-011
Creality-filament-dry-box - Creality-Filament-Dry-Box-012

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