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Product code: CR-5 Pro

3D printeris Creality CR-5 Pro H – 300*225*380 mm

€1259.00 (VAT included)

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Brand Creality


Technology FDM
drukāšanas izmērs [mm] 300*225*380
Drukāšanas ātrums [mm/s] 50-80mm/s
Drukas precizitāte ±0.1mm
Slāņa biezums [mm] 0.1-0.4mm
Sprauslas diametrs [mm] 0.4
sprauslas temperatūra [C°] 300
Atbalstītie materiāli PLA, PETG, ABS, any filaments melt =<300 C
Materiāla diametrs [mm] 1.75
Virsmas temperatūra [C°] 100
Connectivity SD Card, USB
Displejs ir, 4.3″
jauda [W] 350
Korpuss Slēgts
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] 530x487x612
Weight [kg] 32.5


Industrial grade printer for professionals in a sleek and clean looking unit. Very sturdy metal structure with a large 4.3-inch touch screen.

Main features:

  • Large build size 300x225x380mm
  • 4.3-inch touch screen
  • Meanwell 350W / 24 V power supply
  • Silent motherboard with ATMEL 2560 master chip
  • Nozzle temperature up to 300℃
  • Enclosed chamber and heattbed up too 100℃
  • 100 microns print precision
  • Highly durable metal extruder frame
  • Effective cooling of hotend
  • Filament run-out detecotr nad resume printing
  • Carborundum glass print bed


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