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Product code: FFT1.0-OLM3

Ortur Laser Master 3 salokāmās kājas

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Foldable Feet for Ortur Laser Master 3

  • Better Work with Ortur Foldable Feet.
  • Aluminum Alloy Die Casting, More Exquisite and Durable.
  • Folding Design, Free from Multiple Disassembly.
  • Tilting Structure, Engraving Firmly.
  • Precise Height, Perfect for YRR 2.0.

Ortur-LM3-legs - Foldable-Feet-for-Ortur-Laser-Master-3

Ortur-LM3-legs - Foldable-Feet

Foldable Feet

Can raise the machine to 118mm
Product size: 142*24mm

Product Content

  • Made of Aluminum-Alloy
  • Folding Design
  • Paired with YRR2.0
Ortur-LM3-legs - Product-Content
Ortur-LM3-legs - DIY-self-installation

DIY self-installation

Fun and easy installation

  1. Please remove the rubber pads and screws
  2. Install the foldable feet
  3. Closed state
  4. Extended state

Better Work with Ortur Foldable Feet

  • Aluminum Alloy Die Casting, More Exquisite and Durable
  • Tilting Structure, Engraving Firmly
Ortur-LM3-legs - Better-Work-with-Ortur-Foldable-Feet

Ortur-LM3-legs - Packing-List

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