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Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Creality-Halot-One-CL-60-CL-60
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Creality-Halot-One-CL-60-CL-60-1
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Creality-Halot-One-CL-60-CL-60-2

Preces kods: CL-60

3D printeris Creality Halot-One CL-60

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Ražotājs Creality

Tehniskie parametri

Tehnoloģija Mono LCD
drukāšanas izmērs [mm] 127 x 80 x 160
Drukāšanas ātrums [mm/h] 60
XY precizitāte 0.051
Matricas izšķirtspēja 2560*1620
Izdrukas izšķirspēja (µm) 51
Gaismas avots 405nm
Atbalstītie materiāli 405nm UV resin
Savienojumi USB
Displejs 5" skārienjūtīgs
jauda [W] 100
Izmērs (W x H x D) [mm] 221x221x404
Svars [kg] 7.1

The HALOT-ONE is the latest addition from the well-known manufacturer, Creality. This printer is the first in a series of new generation printers. The HALO is the perfect rookie flagship and can outperform even more expensive printers on the market.

Integral light source

The HALOT-ONE has the latest generation new light source technology including a reflection-based system. This function provides a better light with better precision than ever before.

Monochromatic LCD

The latest types of mono LCD´s has the benefit of lasting much longer than the older types of LCD. Up to 2000 hours lifespan is about 4 times longer than a color LCD. Thanks to the mono LCD you also print much faster than you normally would, up to 60 mm/hour.

Large print surface

The 5” touchscreen is placed in portrait mode and is clear and bright. From the innovative menu system, you can reach all important printer settings.

Reinforced Z-axis structure

The Z-axis dual linear guiderails has a dual configuration and helps increase the stability and smoothness of the printing process.

OTA upgrades

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, the HALO supports convenient software upgrades over the air.

Clean air

The active carbon filtration takes away most smell and reduces hazardous particles from the printing process. This means that you can use the printer even in the same room that you are spending time in, without being bothered by fumes and particles.

Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_011
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_012
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_013
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_014
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_015
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_020
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_017
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_019
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_021
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_022
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_023
Creality-Halot-One-CL-60 - Resin_Printer_Creality_CN3D_Epsilon_024


Creality Halot Resin Printers

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