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Displejs NEC MultiSync V864Q

86″, Tehnoloģija IPS. Izšķirtspēja 3840 x 2160. Spilgtums 500 cd /m2 . Pret atspīduma stikls 28%.OPS slots.Izmantošana 24/7

€8336.00 (Cena ar PVN)

Ražotājs NEC


Paneļa tehnoloģija IPS
Ekrāns.Aktīvā ekrāna daļa [mm] 1,895 x 1,065.9
Ekrāna izmērs (collas / cm) 86 / 217
Malu attiecība 16:9
Spilgtums 500, 350 Eco
Kontrasts 1200:1
Skata leņķis [°] 178
Reakcijas ātrums [ms] 8
Gamma 28
Ekrāns.Pretatspīdums [%] 28
Uzstādīšanas veids horizontāli, vertikāli, ekrāns uz augšu
Standarta izšķirtspēja 3840 x 2160
Atbalstītās izšķirtspējas (Display port + HDMI) 1920 x 1080, 1920 x 2160, 3840 x 2160, 4096 x 2160


Gaismas Iebūvēts, ieprogrammējamas darbības
Kustības Papildfunkcija, ārējs, 4-5m uztvršanas zona, ieprogrammējamas darbības
Temperatūras Iebūvēts, 3 sensori, ieprogrammējamas darbības
NFC Iebūvēts, darbības zona 2cm, nepieciešama bemaksas NEC Android App


Digitāls 3 x HDMI (arHDCP), 2 x DisplayPort (ar HDCP)
Video 3 x HDMI (ar HDCP), 2 x DisplayPort (ar HDCP)
Audio 1 x 3,5 mm
Mikrofons 1 x 3,5 mm
Kontrole 1 x LAN 100Mbit, 1 x Remote Control (3.5 mm jack), 1 x RS232
LAN LAN 100Mbit
USB 1 x microSD (Value), 1 x USB 2.0 (Downstream), 1 x USB 2.0 (MediaPlayer), 1 x USB Type-B (Upstream), 2 x USB 2.0 (Compute Module, 1 x 5V/2A powered)

Tehniskie parametri

Tehniskie parametri.Energoefektivitātes klase A
Elektroenerģijas patēriņš [W] 230
Darba vides temperatūra [°C] 0 līdz +40
Darba vides gaisa mitrums [%] 20 līdz 80
Izmērs (W x H x D) [mm] 1,928 x 1,099 x 74
Svars [kg] 57.8
Apmales biezums [mm] 15.3
VESA Stiprinājums [mm] 400 x 400 , 600 x 400
Slodze 24/7
Aizsardzība IP 5X (priekša), IP 2X (aizmugure)



Garantija 3 gadi

Piegādes komplektācija

Piegādes komplektācija Display port vads, USB vads, pults

Papildus komplektācija

Papildus komplektācija sienas stiprinājums (PDW T XL-2), OPS, kāja(ST-801), skaļruņi (SP-864QSM, SP-TF1), statīvi (PD02MHA)


Boosting the viewing experience for digital signage and presentation

For compelling visualisation, NEC’s MultiSync® V864Q couples the best UHD viewing experience with worry free operation, yet at the lowest operational investment.

Stunning “pixel-free” ergonomic viewing is smartly merged with reliable colour reproduction for the most realistic and thrilling images with expanded contrast ratios. Eye-pleasing visibility under common light conditions is guaranteed thanks to the combination of a brightness output of 500 cd/m² with low reflection from the anti-glare surface. The modern and slim design is the perfect fit to complement the surrounding architecture as well as for integration into any application and environment. Open Modular Intelligence (OMi) is the smartest way to deliver tailor-made signage solutions, where scalable computing power is seamlessly embedded into the display.

The 86” MultiSync® V864Q is the perfect choice for life-size advertising in retail stores, leisure and museum environments, hospitality areas and corporate welcome boards as well as for presentations in meeting and conferencing facilities.


  • Mission-critical 24/7 ready operation – the meticulous selection of industrial-grade components and careful design focused on demanding usage scenarios accompany an impressive and continuous viewer experience.
  • Enhanced imaging performance – advanced settings of all relevant visual parameters allow full control of brightness, colour, gamma and uniformity via the Spectraview Engine for precise, natural images.
  • Modern and slim design – robust yet elegant allowing for an unobtrusive integration into any application and environment.
  • Ease of use and operation – Smart installation, operation and maintenance functionality ensures accurate performance over the entire lifetime of the display saving time, effort and resources.
  • Future-proof signal connectivity and processing – numerous native UHD resolution inputs with 60Hz refresh rate including DisplayPort, HDMI and an option slot for OPS Slot-in PCs, plus automatic upscaling to UHD for other signals, provide “pixel-free viewing“ on a large scale.
  • Future Ready with Open Modular Intelligence Expansion – upgrade the power of your display at any time by seamlessly integrating one of NEC’s options for OPS Slot-in PCs, Raspberry Pi compute modules or signal interfaces for content feed and computing.
  • Cost Saving Device Management – save effort whilst managing all connected NEC devices from a centralised location by using the NaViSet Administrator 2 software tool.
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