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Product code: PV-ABS-175-1000-BU

PrimaValue ABS Filament – 1.75mm – 1 kg – Zils

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Brand PrimaCreator


Modelis PrimaSelect
Materiāla tips ABS
Materiāla diametrs [mm] 1.75
Colour Zils
Drukāšanas temperatūra [C°] 220 – 270
Garums rullī [m] 335
Spoles izmērs [mm] 200 x 80
Kušanas temperatūra [C°] 140-160
Weight [kg] 1


PrimaValue™ is a series of filament we developed for everyday use, perfect when you need a high quality filament in standard colors.
When Quality Counts! You should choose PrimaValue™
1 kg of high quality 3D-Print material for your 1.75 mm 3D-Printer.

  • PrimaValue™ is a very good filament for everyday use.
  • High strength
  • Almost warp free
  • Good interlayer adhesion
  • Good toughness
  • High impact strength
  • Easy to use
  • Very good layer adhesion
  • Higher melting point than PLA
  • No hazardous fumes
  • Based on RAL color system


Size: Ø tolerance Roundness
1,75 mm ±0,05 mm ≥ 95 %
2,85 mm ±0,10 mm ≥ 95 %

Physical properties

Description: Testmethod Typical value
Specific gravity ASTM D792 1,03 g/cc
MFR 220 °C/10kg ASTM D1238 8,0 g/10 min
Tensile strength ISO 527 44 Mpa
Tensile modulus ASTM D638 2000 MPa
Impact strength Izod method 23˚C ISO 180/A 36 KJ/m²

Thermal properties

Description: Testmethod Typical value
Printing temp. 220-270 °C
Melting temp. ISO 294 245 °C ± 10 °C
Vicat softening temp ISO 306 ± 103 °C
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