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PrimaCreator Value UV / DLP Resin – 1000 ml – Chromatic Silver

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Brand PrimaCreator


Modelis Value UV / DLP Resin
Materiāla tips UV resin
Gaismas viļņu diapazons [nm] 395 – 405
Colour Hromatisks sudrabs
Blīvums [g/cm3] 1.05 – 1.13
Cietība 85-88 Shore D
Tilpiums [l] 1

When you want astonishing results for less cost than many other brands – PrimaCreator VALUE resin should be your first choice!

Resin from our VALUE line is a high-quality resin made from the best materials.
Your prints cures in sunlight or a UV curing chamber. When the curing is finished, the result is a rock-hard print with very small shrinkage.
The finished print is a solid colour part with a beautiful semi matte surface with excellent details and smooth layer transitions.
If you go for the transparent resin you will have a crystal-clear transparency which is truly stunning.

VALUE resin has many benefits over other brands of comparable resins.
The most noticeable is that it doesn´t smell very much.
VALUE resin is developed to perform well on low powered DLP machines such as the Creality LD, Wanhao Duplicator , SparkMaker, Anycubic Photon, Zortrax Inkspire and other printers that uses UV light for curing.

Optimized for UV Lightsource 395 – 405 nm.

Fast curing time, 4 – 8 seconds per layer for quicker prints.
After printing clean you print in IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to rinse of extra resin left.

When it´s time for curing you can use sunlight or a uv curing chamber.
Depending on print the curing times can vary:

In a UV light curing chamber, it will take about 2-5 minutes.
In sunlight, 10-20 minutes.
In daylight on a cloudy day it can take up to 60 minutes.


UV Lightsource Wavelength: 395 – 405 nm (optimal)
Viscosity: 100-150 (25℃
Density: 1.05 – 1.13g/cm³
Hardness 85-88 Shore D
Tensile strength: 42.0 Mpa
Flexural Strength: 60 Mpa
Elongation at break: 10%
Storage temperature 5 – 40℃
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