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3D skaneris Creality Creality CR-Scan Lizard Premium Version


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More manageable software

A simple UI design, easy to use during operation. Powerful modelling methods, automatic fill repair, automatic paint repair, automatic substrate recognition, non-destructive mesh simplification, automatic smoothing and de-removed adjustment, to ensure the scanning needs in various fields

OBJ/STL/PLY – Export

Output in standard file formats, including stl and obj. Compatible with all common FDM and resin printers. It also saves a lot of time to learn 3d modelling programs or model complex models (such as human bodies, faces, etc.). Whether you are a manufacturer, designer, educator, student or enthusiast, you can guarantee the scanning needs in all areas.

Multiple-mode Scanning

With Lizard, hand scanning is now more flexible and scanning objects of different sizes can be done without marking points. With turntable and stand, automatic scanning with one click, supports multiple poses that adapt automatically to get a more complete model.

Automatic adjustment of multiple poses and powerful model processing method

Algorithm for high-precision matching based on color and texture properties, with automatic synthesis function for multiple scans. Model editing, automatic fill repair, automatic color repair, automatic substrate recognition, non-destructive mesh simplification, automatic smooth denoising, provides for a great scanning experience.

Creality CR-Scan Lizard Premium Version


CR Scan Lizard

CR Scan Lizard

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