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VIA GO² nodrošina iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC un Mac lietotājiem tūlītēju bezvadu savienojumu ar 4K izšķirtspēju.


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VIA GO² gives iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC, and Mac users instant wireless connectivity with 4K advanced presentation capabilities.
Kramer’s new VIA 4.0 is all about the end user. The new VIA application UI is intuitive, user−friendly and much easier to use. VIA 4.0 enables any user, including guests, to easily and securely connect and automatically disconnect at the end of the session.
The product features content streaming with crystal−clear mirrored images and stunning video playback and includes iOS mirroring via AirPlay™, Windows & Android mirroring via Miracast™, as well as ChromeBook mirroring. The shared screen sizes are automatically adjusted based on their respective source, and can be resized manually by the user when needed.
VIA GO² is super−compact (7x7cm) with flexibility to install with both built−in Wi−Fi and LAN connectivity and includes industry−leading 1024−bit encryption for secure use on the internal network.

  • 3rd party Security Certification.
  • Built–In isolated Wi–Fi and LAN.
  • Quick and Reliable Wireless Connectivity — A simple and intuitive user interface enables iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC, and Mac device users to instantly connect to a main display without a dongle. 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi–Fi and MIMO antennas establish and maintain a fast and reliable connection.
  • Automatically stops presentation when leaving the room.
  • Calendar widget on the wallpaper for instant connectivity within one click.
  • 3rd Party Web Applications — Run directly from the device without needing to use the application.
  • Simultaneous Display — Two participants can simultaneously present content on main display.
  • VIA Product Integration — Seamlessly compatible with VIA Site Management (VSM) Software & VIA Pad.
  • Easy and Flexible Installation — With a super–compact 7x7cm form factor, it can be discreetly installed on the back of a display, projector or almost anywhere.


  • Presentation environments
  • Small to mid–size meeting rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Huddle spaces
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