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NEC PTZ HD kamera
NEC PTZ HD kamera

Preces kods: 100015077


NEC skaļruņu josla ar kameru un mikrofonu


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Ražotājs NEC

Tehniskie parametri

Matricas izšķirtspēja [MP] 16
Izvades izšķirtspēja 720p 30 fps
Zoom 3x
Ciparu Zoom 3x
Savienojumi USB 3.0
Baltā balanss Auto
Ekspozīcija Auto
Fokuss Auto
3D NR ir
Izmērs (W x H x D) [mm] 750 x 120 x 93
Svars [kg] 4.3


NEC Collaboration Soundbar: The universal conferencing solution for smaller meeting- and huddle rooms
Meeting rooms are evolving into multi-usage spaces. This collaboration solution is designed to fit your meeting scenario, whilst perfectly fulfilling your needs for a powerful and scalable workspace.The NEC Collaboration Soundbar is the perfect solution for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces. Widen the objectives of your meeting and enhance your display with audio and video capability to be ready for conferencing and collaboration.To lift up productivity and employee motivation, NEC provides corporate communication solutions for a seamless usability. From small meeting rooms up to multi-usage spaces equipped with NECs InfinityBoard, a steady look and feel is key to succeed in your business.Delivering Genuine Benefits

  • Facilitate productive communication – all components necessary for efficient video conferencing are included: camera, microphone and speaker
  • Flexible configuration to fit your need – hardware set-up as of your requirements to meet your individual meeting room demand
  • Designed to just work – without driver installation, this is a real ready to go plug and play solution
  • Universal mounting approach – maximum installation flexibility with different brackets available: included wall mount or an optional VESA mount
  • A commitment to quality – 3 years warranty and 24/7 ready operation to meet long-term demands ensuring peace of mind

Conferencing Speakers

  • The ultra-low distortion speakers deliver excellent speech intelligibility, whether using theactive or passive variant.
  • To provide a crisp audio, the solid MDF cabinet effectively absorbs potential disturbances from vibrations
  • The wide dispersion of the speakers extends the sweet spot to anywhere in the room, transmitting the spoken word with perfect clarity to the participants of web or telephone conferences and remote meetings.

Video Conference Camera & Microphones and Echo-Cancelling Box

  • Encompass the entire meeting room with 120° viewing angle
  • Perfect viewing at any distance, whether standing in front or sitting at the back
  • Auto-adapts to any lighting condition
  • Exceptional audio clarity in meeting environments with two built-in microphones, providing increased pick up quality via directional beamforming.
  • Maximised echo-free audio quality with integrated noise- and echo-cancelling system to filter out disruptive audio signals.
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