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2009-03-20 BBT
NEC NP500WS and NEC NP600S: Short-distance projections

NEC Display Solutions is proud to present to the market two innovative LCD projector models featuring short-distance projection capability. NEC is extending its projector portfolio in the education sector with these new models and is offering an outstanding technology solution to this particular market sector. The highlight of both projectors is their virtual remote control allowing full PC control of all projector functions. The NEC NP500WS and NEC NP600S can project pictures with a diagonal of 60” from a distance of only one metre. This means that presenters don’t cast any annoying shadows nor are they dazzled by the projector itself. The two models are ideal for small rooms and are also particularly suited for meetings and training courses where interaction between the participants is best undertaken directly in front at the whiteboard.

2009-03-18 BBT
Concept Electrol - a projection screen to be proud of!

Projecta continues to surprise and delight its customers and to make improvements to its products. The company introduces a range of high-quality electrical projection screens to be proud of, and which deserve to be seen. Their aluminium case has been specially designed to give them a chic appearance. With their clean lines and colours, these screens offer a solution for any modern interior.

2009-02-11 BBT
SMART adds Touch Recognition to interactive whiteboards

CALGARY, Alberta --- February 3, 2009 --- SMART Technologies announces the addition of Touch Recognition to SMART Board™ 600 series interactive whiteboards. The feature is the first to automatically detect the difference between a pen, finger and palm of the hand. Users can now, for example, use a pen to write or draw on the interactive whiteboard, a finger to manipulate words or pictures and a palm to erase work. Previously, users had to return the pen to the SMART Pen Tray in order to switch modes.





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