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Preces kods: Adventurer5MPro


3D printeris Flashforge Adventurer 5M Pro

€629.00 (Cena ar PVN)

(Atzīmējiet 2-4 preces no kategorijas)
Ražotājs Flashforge

Tehniskie parametri

Tehnoloģija FDM
drukāšanas izmērs [mm] 220*220*220
Drukāšanas ātrums [mm/s] ≤600 mm/s (depends on material)
Sprauslas diametrs [mm] 0.4 mm
sprauslas temperatūra [C°] 280
Atbalstītie materiāli PLA, PETG, ABS, any filaments melt =<280C
Materiāla diametrs [mm] 1.75
Virsmas temperatūra [C°] 110
Savienojumi USB, LAN, Cloud
Displejs ir, skārienjūtīgs
Iebūvēta videokamera ir
jauda [W] 350
Korpuss Slēgts
Izmērs (W x H x D) [mm] 453 x 440 x 380


Adventurer 5M Pro is a versatile tool that can be used for parent-child bonding activities, household repairs, and creative teaching. Its fully enclosed design allows you fast and easy use while enjoying the process.


  • Max Speed 600mm/s
  • One-Click Leveling
  • Quick Setup
  • 50dB Quiet Printing

Next Level Speed

With a maximum speed of 600mm/s, the Adventurer 5M Pro raises the bar on high-speed 3d printing, making it able to print most builds in only a few hours.

Adventurer5MPro - 11786__Flashforge__001

Set-up Within 10 Mins

Rookies and kids will find it effortless and fun to use. Unbox it and with one click you’re ready to print. There is no need for leveling tools or manual calibration and adjustment of the Z-axis. Flashforge Adventurer 5M Pro has an advanced auto-leveling system that measures the nozzle height relative to the build plate, automatically compensating for any discrepancies without effort and providing a flawless first layer.

Safe Printing Guaranteed

Your health is our concern. Adventurer 5M Pro features a closed structure and dual filtration system to optimize air quality during printing. It includes a HEPA and activated carbon filter to block 99% of particulate matter and VOCs, making it safe for home or classroom use.

Safe Printing Features:

  • Inner Circulation Filtration: Improve the cavity air, making it suitable for ABS and other materials.
  • External circulation filtration: Air is drawn in from outside, filtered, and circulated out, suitable for materials like PLA and PETG.
  • HEPA + activated carbon double-layer filter: Blocks 99% of particulate matter and VOC, guarantee your health.

Adventurer5MPro - 11786__Flashforge__002

Effortless Printing

  • Flawless First Layer: Achieve a flawless first layer with precise auto bed levelling. No need for manual z-axis adjustments. Print effortlessly from start to finish.
  • PEI Build Plate: The magnetic build plate is removable, and it features a PEI coating that provides excellent adhesion and broad material compatibility.
  • Quick-Release Nozzle
  • Switch printing modes with quick-release nozzles in multiple diameters (0.25/0.4/0.6/0.8) to inspire your originality.

Adventurer5MPro - 11786__Flashforge__004

Rapid Yet Stable

Adventurer 5M Pro utilizes a brand-new, sturdy design and consistently reliable materials to ensure high-speed printing while giving you a high-quality work. Core XY structure, All-Metal Frame: The stable and smooth motion structure supports stable and low-noise printing in high-speed mode. Direct Drive: Accurate filament extrusion pressure control 280°Nozzle, Rapid Heating: 360°surround heating, 50w heating power, 200° heating up in 35 seconds,32mm³/s high flow.

Adventurer5MPro - 11786__Flashforge__005

Achieve Smooth Printing

  • Vibration Compensation: Achieve a smooth surface on your models by eliminating ghosting in prints.
  • Effective Dual-channel Cooling: Cool your models rapidly with the turbo fan and dual air ducts.
  • Auxiliary Chamber Cooling: The 12W cooling fan that provides powerful assistance in heat dissipation.

Enhanced Compatibility

You can easily use FlashPrint 5 for various printing modes and materials, streamlining the slicing process. You can print effortlessly monitor the print status and manage the printer online.

Adventurer5MPro - 11786__Flashforge__006

More Features to Create a Better Printing Experience

  • Silent Printing: 50dB
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • Power Loss Recovery
  • Build-in Camera
  • Filament Run-out Reminder
  • Integrated Printing Management
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