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3D printeris Creality Ender-3 S1 Pro – 220*220*270mm

€499.00 (VAT included)

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Brand Creality


Technology FDM
drukāšanas izmērs [mm] 220*220*270
Drukāšanas ātrums [mm/s] ≤150 mm/s (depends on material)
Drukas precizitāte ±0.1mm
Slāņa biezums [mm] 0.05-0.4mm
Sprauslas diametrs [mm] 0.4
sprauslas temperatūra [C°] 300
Atbalstītie materiāli PLA, PETG, any filaments melt =<300 C
Materiāla diametrs [mm] 1.75
Virsmas temperatūra [C°] 110
Connectivity SD Card, USB
Displejs ir, skārienjūtīgs
jauda [W] 350
Korpuss Vaļējs
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] 487x453x622
Weight [kg] 8.7


Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro
High-temperature printing for more possibilities.


  • Up to 300℃ Nozzle Temperature
    High filament compatibility – more printing possibilities.
  • “Sprite” Full-metal Dual-gear Direct Extruder
    Weigh 344g with 80N extrusion force. High-precision printing also for flexible filaments.
  • CR Touch Automatic Leveling
    Self-developed CR Touch assures the 16-point auto-leveling. Reliable, efficient and time-saving.
  • Removable PEI Spring Steel Sheet
    Durable with good adhesion. Flexible to remove the print.
  • 4.3” Touch Screen with Friendly UI
    Brand new UI with 9 languages supported. Easy to use, automatic dimming out for energy saving.
  • LED Light
    Even fill-in light. Precise observation in the dark.
  • Creation Potential
    Compatible with laser engraving, liquid cooling heatsink, and Wi-Fi Box, unlock creative printing.
  • Human-centered Design
    Integrated Structure. Platform with a handle for safe pulling out in high-temp condition.
  • Quick Assembly
    96% Pre-installed, 6-step assembly.

Ender-3-S1-Pro - Ender_3_S1_Pro_1
Ender-3-S1-Pro - Ender_3_S1_PRO_vs_Ender_3_S1_2
Ender-3-S1-Pro - Ender_3_S1_PRO_vs_Ender_3_S1_3
Ender-3-S1-Pro - Ender_3_S1_PRO_vs_Ender_3_S1_4
Ender-3-S1-Pro - Ender_3_S1_PRO_vs_Ender_3_S1_5
Ender-3-S1-Pro - Ender_3_S1_PRO_vs_Ender_3_S1_6

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