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Filament PM RePLA – 1.75mm – 1 kg – tumša krāsa

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Brand Filament PM


Modelis RePLA+
Materiāla tips PLA
Materiāla diametrs [mm] 1.75
Colour Nenoteikta (tumša)
Drukāšanas temperatūra [C°] 200-220
Blīvums [g/cm3] 1.24
Weight [kg] 1


With a technological process based on our proven PLA, RePLA offers the same printing properties and top-notch quality as traditional PLA. You can be confident that your prints will be smooth, precise, and trouble-free. Moreover, thanks to its recycled origin from shredded PLA filament, RePLA contributes to a more sustainable production process and waste reduction.

Our passion for quality and sustainability is reflected in every meter of RePLA. We believe that even these small steps can have a significant impact


By utilizing recycled material, every project with RePLA will have a unique color identity. This means that no two spools are the same in terms of color.

Its exceptional properties don’t end with the printing process. Due to its high-quality and stable structure, RePLA is ideal for post-processing. You can easily remove support structures, perform sanding, polishing, and painting, achieving a flawless result according to your vision.

RePLA is more than just a material. It is our vision for a sustainable future of 3D printing. With its exceptional mechanical properties, it is ideal not only for professional creators but also for aspiring hobbyists seeking a reliable material.

(polylactic acid)
– easy to print material
– is suitable for printing large objects
– is made from corn starch and biodegradable
– is suitable for beginners, as printing from it is trouble-free
– PLA prints are not ideal for outdoor use (low-temperature resistance, low UV resistance)

Nozzle: 200 – 220°C
Heatbed: 60 °C

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