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Creality-SL-1 - Creality-SL1-Curing-Machine-SL1
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Creality-SL-1 - Creality-SL1-Curing-Machine-SL1-2
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3D ierīce Creality SL1 – Curing Machine materiālu cietināšanai

Materiāla cietināšanai, tilpums 163(D)*166(H)mm

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€69.00 (Cena ar PVN)

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Large Curing Space
The maximum capacity of SL1 is 163(D)*166(H)mm,which can meet the curing tasks of LCD printers with 5.5” or 6” print size.

More sufficient UV light and better curing effect
Curing Box built-in 3 UV LED bars,Curing models from multiple angles and 14 integrated UV LED lights in total.

View window
Dark brown UV-resistant PC board,facilitate the user to observe the internal models while reducing the damage caused by UV light.

Simply set up and easy to use
The model can be automatically rotated for curing by a simple 3-step operation.

Solar powered automatic rotation table
The turntable has four solar panels.The turntable will start to rotate under UV light without battery power.

Rated Power:15W
Wave Length:405nm
Voltage:110V/220V 50/60Hz
External Dimensions:192(L)*196(W)*240(H)mm
Net Weight:1.2KG
Turntable Diameter:90mm|
Included: 1x Curing Box 1x Turntable 1x Power Adapter

Compatible Resin Printers: Creality LD002R LD002H and other similar resin printers.

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