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xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xTool-D1-Pro-20W-Higher-Accuracy-Diode-DIY-Laser-Engraving-und-Cutting-Machine-P1030268
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xTool-D1-Pro-5W-Higher-Accuracy-Diode-DIY-Laser-Engraving-und-Cutting-Machine-P1030268-001
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xTool-D1-Pro-20W-Higher-Accuracy-Diode-DIY-Laser-Engraving-und-Cutting-Machine-P1030276-5
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xTool-D1-Pro-20W-Higher-Accuracy-Diode-DIY-Laser-Engraving-und-Cutting-Machine-P1030276-3
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xTool-D1-Pro-20W-Higher-Accuracy-Diode-DIY-Laser-Engraving-und-Cutting-Machine-P1030276-7
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xTool-D1-Pro-20W-Higher-Accuracy-Diode-DIY-Laser-Engraving-und-Cutting-Machine-P1030276-8
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xTool-D1-Pro-20W-Higher-Accuracy-Diode-DIY-Laser-Engraving-und-Cutting-Machine-P1030276-9
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xTool-D1-Pro-20W-Higher-Accuracy-Diode-DIY-Laser-Engraving-und-Cutting-Machine-P1030268-001

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Lāzergravētājs xTool D1 Pro 5W


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Ražotājs xTool

Tehniskie parametri

Lāzera jauda [W] 5
Lāzera viļņa garums [nm] 455 ± 5
kustības ātrums [mm/s] 400
Darba laukums [mm] 430 x 400
Savienojumi USB / Wi-Fi / micro SD
virsmas augstums [mm] 50
jauda [W] 36
Korpuss Vaļējs
Izmērs (W x D x H) [mm] 600x590x150
Svars [kg] 5.5


Ultra Accurate and Fast Laser Cutter & Engraver

  • Up to 400mm/s Working Speed to Increase Your Productivity
  • Higher Accuracy and Stability by Durable Mechanical Structure
  • Compatible with LightBurn and 3 Types of Connection (USB,WIFI,TF card)
  • Auto-Stop if detects Flame/Moving or Tipping for Extra Safety

Better Laser Enhances Cutting & Engraving Effect

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-001 Use innovative dual laser technology to combine two laser beams into one spot. The compressed spot has higher power, higher cutting ability, faster speed and better effect under the same electric power. The power of 10W dual laser xTool D1 is equivalent to a single laser 15W laser cutting machine.

Wood & Acrylic Cutting(One-PASS)

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-002 xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-010
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-011 xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-012

Explore The Beauty of Acrylic

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-003

* Limited by the characteristics of the material itself, the semiconductor laser (blue laser) can only cut dark acrylic materials.

Directly Engrave Stainless Steel Metal

No coating needed – Faster speed – Darker engraved pattern

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-004

Higher Productivity at A Higher Speed

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-005-1

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Slate xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Wood2
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Wood

Improve The Accuracy to The Extreme

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Accuracy

Why D1 Pro Provide the Highest Accuracy

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-006 xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-007
Engraving / Cutting accuracy to reach 0.004 inches Repositioning accuracy down to less than 0.007 inches.

Easily and Precisely Adjust the Focus

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-008 Easy Focus Adjustment

Only take 3 steps to adjust the focus in 5 seconds. Pull down the original focus lever, slide the laser slider to make the focus lever close to the material’s surface, recover the focus lever.

Invigorate Your Creations with 340+ Colors

Laser beam oxidizes the metallic surface in an instant, bringing vivid colors to the engraved metal.

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Colours

Limit Switches in All Directions

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Limit-Switches Limit switches will trigger the alarm if the laser head is about to hit the boundary of the machine in All Directions.

Safe to Use

The emergency stop will be triggered by the detection of flames, smoke and tipping.

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Flame_Detecter xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Gyroscope

Better Software at Your Service

Get started quickly with our user-friendly software: XCS

Updating Project Files  Batch Processing with Circular Array  Default Working Parameters for Materials

xTool Creative Space

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - XCS
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - xtool20w-009 Compatible with mature engraving software: LightBurn

The layout, editing, and control software for common laser cutter. Engraving file format supports NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.


Better Work with The Accessories

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - RA2_Pro xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Air_Assist
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Extension_Kit
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Enclosure

Details Matters

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - New-Protective-Design-for-Laser New Protective Design for Laser

New structural design of the light shield prevents laser lenses polluting by smoke and reducing dust accumulations inside the shield.

Large Engraving Area

A large working area of 430*390 mm ( 17*15.4 inch ), more than the size of A3 paper, allows you to engrave more patterns at once. Easy to use and more efficient.

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Large-Engraving-Area
xTool-D1-Pro-20W - The-Risers The Risers

Use additional risers (sold separately) to increase the height of xTool D1 Pro to facilitate the engraving of higher objects(use 2 sets to increase height to 140mm). Customize your skateboard or basketball to make them cooler.

Just Connect

You can transfer data via Wi-Fi, USB cable, a large capacity TF card (Offline Use) and use D1 Pro anytime and anywhere.

xTool-D1-Pro-20W - Just-Connect


xTool D1 Pro

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