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Projektors NEC PA653UL

Tehnoloģija 1-chip DLP, izšķirtspēja 1920 x 1080, 16:9, kontrasts 15000:1, gaismas jauda 5000 AL

€6157.00 (Cena ar PVN)

Ražotājs NEC


Attēls.Projekcijas tehnoloģija 3LCD
Attēls.Faktiskā izšķirtspēja 1920 x 1200
Attēls.Malu attiecība 16:10
Attēls.Kontrasts 2500000:1
Attēls.Gaismas jauda [lūmeni] 6500
Attēls.Lampa Lāzers
Attēls.Lampas mūžs [stundas] 20000
Attēls.Malu regulācija (Keystone) +/- 40° manual horizontal / +/- 40° automatic / manual vertical
Attēls.Projekcijas faktors depending on lens selection (std. option NP41ZL at 1.3-3.02:1)
Attēls.Projekcijas distance [m] 0.7 – 50.9
Attēls.Projekcijas izmērs (diagonāle) [cm/collas] Max 762 / 300"
Attēls.Optiskais palielinājums (zoom) Motorizēts
Attēls.Fokuss Motorizēts
Attēls.Atbalstītā izšķirtspēja Līdz 4096 x 2160



Savienojumi.RGB (Analogs) In 1 x Mini D-sub 15, Out: 1 x Mini D-sub 15
Savienojumi.Digitāls 1 x HDBaseT, 2 x HDMI™ arbHDCP 2.2, Input: 1 x DisplayPort, Output: 1 x HDBaseT ar HDCP 2.2
Savienojumi.Audio 1 x HDBaseT audio support, 2 x 3.5 mm Stereo, 2 x HDMI audio support, Input: 1 x DisplayPort Audio support, Output: 1 x 3.5 mm Stereo
Savienojumi.Kontrole 1 x D-Sub 9 pin (RS-232), Tīkls
Savienojumi.LAN 1 x RJ45
Savienojumi.USB 1 x Type A (USB 2.0 )
Savienojumi.3D sinhronizācija 1 x Mini DIN 3pin

Tehniskie parametri

Tehniskie parametri.Elektroenerģijas patēriņš [W] 613, 566 Eco
Tehniskie parametri.Izmērs (W x H x D) [mm] 580 x 208 x 494
Tehniskie parametri.Svars [kg] 18.2
Tehniskie parametri.Trokšņa līmenis [dB] 39


Garantija.Garantija (projektors) 3 gadi
Garantija.Garantija (lampa) 3 gadi vai 10000 stundas

Piegādes komplektācija

Piegādes komplektācija.Piegādes komplektācija Pults (RD – 466E), strāvas vads

Papildus komplektācija

Papildus komplektācija.Papildus komplektācija Lēcas:, MultiPresenter Stick, NP40ZL (0.79-1.11:1), NP41ZL (1.3-3.02:1), NP43ZL (2.99-5.93:1), Universal Ceiling Mounts (PJ01UCM), XpanD 3D Glasses (X105-RF-X2), XpanD 3D RF Emitter (AD025-RF-X2)


The NEC PA653UL Projector – combining laser, LCD and filter-free!

NEC has launched the world’s first filter-free laser projector using LCD technology.

With this unique combination, the brilliant colour brightness of LCD technology is coupled with the laser light source designed for long lasting operation. What’s more, with a completely sealed optical engine there is no filter needed at all. As result, service costs are dramatically reduced and with no dust to contaminate the LCD panels, you can enjoy consistently brilliant colour brightness. In addition, the PA series laser projector delivers incredible picture quality, impressive visualisation capabilities and powerful, cost-conscious installation opportunities.

The PA653UL projector is mainly targeting corporate and higher education users to equip their large meeting rooms, conference rooms and lecture halls.



  • No filter service required – a completely sealed optical laser LCD engine allows a filter-free design. Brilliant colour brightness is maintained and servicing costs need no longer feature in your budget.
  • No lamp replacement – up to 20,000 h maintenance free operation possible due to Laser Light Source.
  • Hassle-free remote adjustment – motorized lens shift, focus and zoom allows easy and flexible setup without the need for cumbersome physical access to the projector.
  • Incredible visualisation capabilities – impressive free tilt and portrait installation capability, unique geometric adjustment, picture in picture, tiling, 3D support and camera based blending/stacking up to 4K.
  • Cost conscious & powerful cabling – with just CAT6 network cabling, transfer content over up to 100m using HDBaseT connectivity standard. Supply multiple projectors with one source and benefit from the unique HDBaseT-out daisy-chain interface.
  • Impress with brilliant colours & contrast – astound your audience as the projector processes a wider colour space with Rec2020 to Rec709 colour conversion and higher dynamic contrast supporting HDR10 standard via HDMI interface.
  • Peace of mind copyright protected content – let the projector manage copyright protection and present 4k and Ultra HD Blu-ray content via the HDMI interface.
  • Risk Group 2 saves you installation and operation effort – because of the Risk Group 2 compliance, no prescribed safety precautions are necessary.
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